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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Got tired of my CMUcam.

What embedded machine vision system...

  • is easier to interface (and more powerful) than a CMUcam2;

  • has eight cores at 96MHz, six of which can perform user-defined image processing;

  • can be programmed and debugged interactively in-system using Forth or assembler;

  • runs open-source code built using open-source tools;

  • costs less than $100 in parts; and

  • can be built in an evening with only basic through-hole soldering?

Yeah, I couldn't find one either.

Mmm, 192 MIPS of pixel-devouring goodness. I love my overclocked Propellers.

Edit: What kind of image processing, you ask? How about realtime ASCII art!

I hope to get middle-mass and edge tracking working shortly.

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