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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another PFcam teaser

With the help of the new scope, I wrote a new OV6620 driver that includes chroma support. With the camera reconfigured to run at 25fps, it records 88x72 YUV images at full rate. It's 210 bytes, and integrated into a custom build of PropellerForth.

A few lines of Forth later, I had code to generate PPM images. (PPM is possibly the world's easiest format to produce.) Here are some samples. Forgive the yellow cast and the chroma noise -- my new workbench doesn't have lights yet, and the camera's low-lum performance is poor. That, and I probably have bugs in my YUV matrix code.

Once I'm confident in the design, I'll post the driver and Gerbers for the PCB (and if anyone actually wants one, we can go in on a BatchPCB order).

I've got 8 spare Propeller I/O pins...gotta figure out what to do with 'em. Servo connectors? Debug LEDs? Audio?

Edit: Yes, I did indeed have bugs in my matrix code! They're fixed now.

Better chroma makes engineer happy.

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